Does raw liver help with PMS and Endometriosis? (Results)

In my earlier post, Does raw liver help relieve PMS?, I discussed some immediate results from incorporating raw chicken liver into my diet. For over a month, I have been consuming 3 to 6 frozen liver pills daily. For the last two cycles, I kept a log of flow volume, pain intensity, fatigue, and emotional discomfort during and directly before menses. In the table below, you can see a comparison between my previous cycle (before eating chicken liver) and my current cycle (after eating chicken liver):

Previous Cycle

Current Cycle

Day Flow Pain Fatigue Emotions Flow Pain Fatigue Emotions
-2 None None High None None Mild
-1 Severe None High None None High
1 Heavy Mild Severe Mild Heavy Mild Mild Mild
2 Heavy Moderate Severe Moderate Heavy Moderate Moderate Mild
3 Light Mild Moderate Moderate Moderate Mild Moderate Mild
4 Light Severe Mild Mild Light Mild Mild Mild
5 Light Mild Mild Mild Light Mild Mild Moderate
6 Light Mild Severe Mild None None None None
7 Light Mild Mild Mild None None None None
8 Light Mild Mild Moderate None None None None

Within a month, it appears that my more severe symptoms—heavy flow, acute menstrual/pelvic cramps and abdominal pain, severe fatigue, and high emotional discomfort— have been reduced by approximately 2/3. That is to say, 9 instances of severe symptoms were reduced to 3 instances during my following cycle. Perhaps the most significant difference of all was the lack of symptoms directly associated with endometriosis: acute abdominal/pelvic pain before and after menstruation.

According to my doctor, pelvic/abdominal pain before and/or after menstruation is a classic symptom of endometriosis. In my case, 1-2 days before my period I would always have debilitating abdominal pain that made me think I had food poisoning. In fact, the pain was so predictable that I could use it to time when my period would start. The fact that it was not present during this cycle was a pleasant and overwhelming surprise.

I will continue to document my symptoms for the next few cycles. I am hoping things will continue to improve. Perhaps I don’t have to suffer with endometriosis after all.

Does raw liver help with PMS and Endometriosis? (Results)

Relief from endometriosis with raw chicken liver?

In my last post, Does raw liver help relieve PMS?, I discussed the potential for raw liver and other organ meats to reduce symptoms of PMS. I am excited to report that after a month of consuming frozen liver pills some of my symptoms of endometriosis disappeared during my latest cycle! About 1-2 days before menses, I have acute abdominal pain resulting from severe (stage IV) endometriosis. In fact, the pain is so predictable that I can use it to time when my period will start.

This is the first time in years that I have not experienced acute abdominal pain before menses. I am hopeful that next month will be even better. Later on this week I will write a more detailed log of the changes in my cycle since the incorporation of raw liver in my diet.

Relief from endometriosis with raw chicken liver?

Does the flu make endometriosis or PMS worse?

I contracted the flu exactly one week before my period this month. Although I didn’t notice my usual premenstrual symptoms, I had acute abdominal pain approximately 24 hours before my period. As a sufferer of endometriosis, I am all too familiar with this pain: immobilizing pain that leaves you curled up in bed all evening wishing you were dead.

What happened? I felt over the last few months that I had made great strides in improving the symptoms of endometriosis, so I was quite distressed by the amount of pain I was experiencing. Additionally, I felt incredibly weak and debilitated after my period started.

Has anyone else noticed the symptoms of endometriosis worsen after being ill from the cold or flu? I keep wondering what else could have done this.

Does the flu make endometriosis or PMS worse?