Does raw liver help with PMS and Endometriosis? (Results)

In my earlier post, Does raw liver help relieve PMS?, I discussed some immediate results from incorporating raw chicken liver into my diet. For over a month, I have been consuming 3 to 6 frozen liver pills daily. For the last two cycles, I kept a log of flow volume, pain intensity, fatigue, and emotional discomfort during and directly before menses. In the table below, you can see a comparison between my previous cycle (before eating chicken liver) and my current cycle (after eating chicken liver):

Previous Cycle

Current Cycle

Day Flow Pain Fatigue Emotions Flow Pain Fatigue Emotions
-2 None None High None None Mild
-1 Severe None High None None High
1 Heavy Mild Severe Mild Heavy Mild Mild Mild
2 Heavy Moderate Severe Moderate Heavy Moderate Moderate Mild
3 Light Mild Moderate Moderate Moderate Mild Moderate Mild
4 Light Severe Mild Mild Light Mild Mild Mild
5 Light Mild Mild Mild Light Mild Mild Moderate
6 Light Mild Severe Mild None None None None
7 Light Mild Mild Mild None None None None
8 Light Mild Mild Moderate None None None None

Within a month, it appears that my more severe symptoms—heavy flow, acute menstrual/pelvic cramps and abdominal pain, severe fatigue, and high emotional discomfort— have been reduced by approximately 2/3. That is to say, 9 instances of severe symptoms were reduced to 3 instances during my following cycle. Perhaps the most significant difference of all was the lack of symptoms directly associated with endometriosis: acute abdominal/pelvic pain before and after menstruation.

According to my doctor, pelvic/abdominal pain before and/or after menstruation is a classic symptom of endometriosis. In my case, 1-2 days before my period I would always have debilitating abdominal pain that made me think I had food poisoning. In fact, the pain was so predictable that I could use it to time when my period would start. The fact that it was not present during this cycle was a pleasant and overwhelming surprise.

I will continue to document my symptoms for the next few cycles. I am hoping things will continue to improve. Perhaps I don’t have to suffer with endometriosis after all.

Does raw liver help with PMS and Endometriosis? (Results)